I help clients in the areas of business advising and leadership coaching. As a business advisor, I partner with business owners over the long term to create profitable businesses which afford them the opportunity to experience personal freedom to serve in various ways.

As a leadership coach, I partner with leaders and their teams to create breakthroughs. I am passionate about aiding leaders and their teams in clearly defining what “success” looks like and building strategies to achieve this “success”. Through peer-to-peer advisory boards and other engagements, I sit with business owners and leaders coaching through the lens of “significance” on a wide variety of life and organizational challenges.

Remembering working in the family business as early as my kindergarten years, I attribute much of my success to an entrepreneurial family who has owned a variety of businesses. I bring now have over 30 years of business experience as an owner, executive, business advisor, and coach whose been the “quarterback on the field leading” as well as “coach on the sidelines guiding” in various business environments. My success in these environments has greatly been attributed to my ability to engage leaders and their teams in a common vision.

While every client is different, I tend to find initial areas of focus are profitability, cash flow, revenue, finding/retaining the right employees, and regaining personal freedom. As a fellow business owner, I find many resonate with my vision “to experience freedom and flexibility to serve wherever called without concern for income”. Many entrepreneurs and business owners entered business with a vision to have this experience of freedom to only evolve to a point where their business is owning them. I want to partner with you and your team to transform your business into a vehicle that allows you to experience this freedom.

If this resonates with you, then you’re in the right place. All you need to do is take the next step by reaching out…